Perhaps the most important key to a happy long term ownership experience is selecting the right aircraft.  TAC has been closely monitoring available opportunities in the current market for our customers.  Currently, there is an unprecedented level of available aircraft of nearly every aircraft type.  Once a specific type of aircraft is selected, there is a lot of market research to be completed to find the best deal in any aircraft type.  Many specific aircraft characteristics, such as ownership history, maintenance history, maintenance projections, individual aircraft performance differences, efficiency, age, charter marketability, and projected residual value all factor into finding the best opportunity at the best possible price.  There is often market segmentation within a specific aircraft type that may significantly differentiate acquisition opportunities of an identical aircraft type.


With over thirty years of resources and experience at our disposal, TAC has virtually all available information regarding any type of business aircraft.  From current best market opportunities, to aircraft performance analysis and comparisons, to budgeting years of projected future operations, TAC has the ability to give prospective buyers insight into all aspects of future aircraft operations.  Furthermore, TAC has saved buyers and sellers millions of dollars during our representation through our detailed approach to every phase of the aircraft transaction.