PP-05 Pail Pump


The PP-05 pail pump is built to attach to standard five gallon fluid pails.  It allows maintenance technicians and line service personnel to dispense many different fluids contamination free and without spills.  The unit is built to last using the highest grade materials, seals, and bearings.  The pump comes with seals specifically for the following fluids:  Skydrol, 5606, TKS, MEK, Alcohol, and Acetone. 

PP-05 Pail Pump Features:

  • Color coded sleeve for seal compatibility
  • 75 micron suction screen
  • 5 micron discharge screen
  • Aerospace seals and bearings
  • Impact resistant handle
  • Secure pail locking system

PP-05 Pail Pump Benefits:

  • Easily identifies pump fluid compatibility and prevents cross contamination
  • Prevents foreign objects from damaging pump
  • Ensures clean fluid delivery to aircraft
  • Yields long life, lowers maintenance time/cost
  • Easy on maintenance crew reduces risks of impact damage
  • Prevents spills/leaks, adapts to most pails